Monday, August 22, 2011

The twenty-four of the mountains.

24 mountains or 24 direction of Feng Shui is said to be the basis of a study of feng shui, everyone. To know and use on a regular basis in consideration of feng shui, and I was placed in a compass Sinsae used.
If the twenty-four mountains at least back to the feng shui system in Sa Ha. Although feng shui is a system Hiang Kong (Nine Era Star), several people familiar with the twenty four mountains, and the details of different Sa Ha. But the development of the original twenty four mountains. Prior to that, there is a twenty four mountains in Feng Shui is the Sa Ha or Sum Ha. The system Sa Ha has three main things in the sky, the earth, the human being. Each band is divided into twenty-four or twenty four mountains. Said the sky and the earth is the invention of the Yang Gong. Yang Gong was in the beginning the earth was only twelve or twelve zodiac sign (with two channels and the sky is only eight rasi and four gou want a total of twelve channels. At this point, many people might have in mind two questions: why the sky is only the eighth rasi on because The Chinese know that the sign on the ten rasi Why only eight and four gou left. comes from. To answer this question, must go back to the point of origin is the chart of Her Tu and Lo Su. Which is the basis of Feng Shui, every office, every system, because the sky is the origin of these two chart. On the eighth sign of the Her Tu which was a sign on your tenth anniversary is ka, ie, pia, teng, bou, ki, kae, xing, yim, kui but because bou and ki which is time to put on Earth was the center of the circle does not appear in the band, leaving only eight on the sign. Lou Su chart will be four gou and four direction is "kieng gou, keung gou, soung gou, kung gou" with four direction is "jue, ngo, bou, oew." Yang Kong found that the heavens and the earth is not accurate enough to measure the "energy dragon" and "water". The experimental data were taken. The power of sky, the power of the soil. Combination of a twenty four mountains. Which can analyze the "Dragon Power" and "water" is a fact even more. It was the beginning of the twenty four mountains in the feng shui Sinsae all in use today.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bureau of Fengshui (Part II)

Feng Shui for Eight Directions Home
General principles of feng shui home, eight miles, according to theory, we can rank up to level 3. Among those with a "Pa Goa" is static, no movement, no change with time or other factors. The basis of the "Pa Goa" is a diagram of the power on earth was all that big city or a small building. When creating a home will cause the power switch in the direction of the house built. When the house was built on the direction that will determine the rest of the house badly in the past to determine the direction home, no hassle front and back will be different. The home will be the most quiet of the house and is the most Yin of the house, so it is called the mountain of the house. Home is often the opposite of the house as part of the world's most known as the home or the home's water.
One of our basic principle is that the mountain is commonly known as the Yin and Yang, who is studying feng shui to know. The door is not easy to define the front and back, some Sinsae determine whether it is home to the main gate, a door that has been used most frequently. Some Sinsae is divided up with the door. For example, if a house has two doors, one door to the husband and wife to the door of the drawing power of the husband and wife are not the same. Eight Directions of "Pa Goa" is like a container which will contain eight new energy in the house which will be affected by this new power over the result of the "Pa Goa" or container strength. Energy arising from a change in the yin yang is called "Star". In the light of the principles of feng shui energy is often the word "Star" to replace the energy. In Eight Directions Home will have all the stars of each of the eight directions of each home will cover the areas of housing affects people differently. Each element of the structure itself and the relationship of different elements. Five key elements of the relationship, we can find a way to adjust the feng shui to live in peace and good fortune.

Fengshui for Sa Ha
The higher level of feng shui is a traditional or classical feng shui, feng shui is one of the Bureau Si Kek. One of the more advanced principles in feng shui, feng shui is a system of standards that have been accepted by the scholar or Sinsae. The Sa Ha Si Kek is the subject of feng shui that is related to the Chinese Destiny "Poi Yi Si Tien" the most use from the time I was born rasi fa and rasi din  of the individual. By the Chinese Destiny important element is to be linked with the power direction of the Earth's magnetic.
Sa Ha means three or three-unit synchronization.
Si Kek means a collection of four elements. Thong Wood, Water, Fire.
The theory of Sa Ha Si Kek to the merging of four triangular series, which is present in the rasi din and the twelve zodiac sign is represented by twelve animals.: Rat (Zi), Ox (Chou), Tiger (Yin), Rabbit (Mao), Dragon (Chen), Snake (Si), Horse (Wu), Goat (Wei), Monkey (Xin), Cock (You), Dog (Xu), Pig (Hai).
The twelfth sign of integration into four groups based on the principle.
Rat, Dragon, Monkey = Water
Rabbit, Goat, Pig = Wood
Tiger, Horse, Dog = Fire
Ox, Snake, Cock = Metal
The twelve Zodiac is also divided into twelve stages of life and the life cycle: generators, washed, dressed, mature, flourish, decay, illness, death, burial, decay, fertilization, and set the mansion.
Science in Seed packet of the Bureau in Sa Ha Si Kek also divided into several levels, ranging from the simple to the complex. Many people simply do not like that or heard by the department into three regions, namely the sky, the earth, and humans. Each sector is subdivided into more detailed subjects so often that many people have heard of sixty feng shui dragon, seventy-two feng shui dragon, eight northern trails, twenty-four northen trails, water devil.

Feng Shui for Xuan Kong
Many people try to interpret the term Xuan Kong, but trying to interpret to make this more complicated than it has in the past, not to mention the word Xuan Kong be found Yoan Kong.
Yuan, equivalent to that era or around the circle, Kong is the distance or area. The study was about the time and place. Xuan was assumed that some people who try to make this program sound is turned to this mysterious place.
The Bureau is also divided into two branches. Branch of the Office "Flying Star" that we are familiar with Thailand's Department of the Office "Tar Kou." The difference between the two agencies are the Office Flying Star will be the basis of the Luo Shu and the Bureau Tar Kou This is the eighth gou and sixty-four gou with indigestion. Tar Kou office is divided into two groups. The eight groups that were most Guo that the Tar Youn Kou. Sixty-four of the Guo it's called a Tar Cheng Kou. Yin Yang is the basis of the subjects of water and mountains. The division of time, there are significant differences between Flying Star and Tar Kou. Tar Kou course will be a hundred and eighty years of age. Into eight eras, the circuit is : Ninety years on the circuit is divided into a one, two, three, four. The circuit has a ninety-year period is divided into four, six, seven, eight, nine, none of the five. Flying Star will be a hundred and eighty years of age. Into nine eras, era of twenty years : The first cycle of three eras, the middle of three eras, and circuits at the end of three eras.
Of the Flying Star is a powerful mathematical calculations using a table of respiration by Lou Shu and place of the nine star. Representing the movement of chi. Changes in the time it is calculated in the Lou Shu as well, although the numbers seem to play the game but the meaning is very important. From what we've discussed earlier that Feng Shui is the study of the mountain to protect the species distribution and use of water to trap the chi. A good feng shui in the mountains there are mountains and water in the water. Fix all the principles of feng shui, this is a critical issue.
All nine different star features are the basis of the five elemental powers Moreover, all the stars have different behavior in each moment of time at the same era with the same star. results may vary. In principle, the position of water the water will be good fortune in the position of the mountains there are mountains, there is a bar and good health. Using the five elements, according to a star Each function properly and not cause the evil forces.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bureau of Fengshui (Part I)

China has a large population in the past have divided the class into individuals in the court only. The study of feng shui, it is one of the rules in the study as well. Advanced courses will be broadcast on a personal level or high school only. Since it is a subject that people are seeking ways to work with. Deluxe rooms are with a teacher or try to invent their own future. Therefore, the degree of difference or the accuracy of the principles on many levels.

Basic concepts
Essentially, the Bureau of Feng Shui, teaches how to get peace and prosperity do. Some call it peace or wealth, that health and fortune. Some methods have been very fruitful. Some had little effect. Some ways, it's easy to join and follow. Some of the students have the intelligence and it takes longer to learn. For various reasons. This can be compared to similar agencies in the feng shui is to compare different levels. Of the institution. And the Office of feng shui. The level of knowledge and techniques of the main subjects. The brain does not count people who think of money all the time. These individuals should not be referred to as feng shui or Sinsae as a savant. The disqualification of the thread. "The moral of five elements:" We will start with a basic level to a high level.

Feng Shui for spiritual touch
The mental or sensory experience, based on the theory that placed in the basics of astrology, feng shui. Step 1 is also called a personal feeling rather than theory. The principle is that most people will tell you immediately that the house has good feng shui or not, as soon as he saw the house. We can feel the energy in the house as soon as we walked into the home. Some brokers Sinsae home to teach children to take home to see if the child cries, the house is not good feng shui, if the child is happy, the house has good feng shui. Since infants are sensitive and get a good point. The accumulated experience of home units. Sinsae the Department has been trained to feel the chi in recognition accuracy is higher than the typical individual. We can not deny that this is one of Feng Shui is based on principles that Chi is a beautiful thing it is good practice to provide visual and sensory perception, good point.

Feng Shui for Eight Goals
Bureau Feng Shui at a higher level up. Which is ranked as the second step is the subject of Feng Shui in the latter is popular among people who became interested in the modern West, and Feng Shui. Focusing on simplicity and ease of understanding by focusing on what life is like. The goal of life is the threshold. Office of the source in Hong Kong. Using Feng Shui to make people understand easily. The house is divided into eight areas of the north, south, east, west, northeast, nothwest, southeast, southwest.  In a position to influence the demand in one. I like the human body each have different functions for both the men's eight.
1. North is career as a means of class in society.
2. Northeast is intelligence or education.
3. East is family
4. Southeast is fortune, wealth, rich.
5. South is reputation and acts.
6. Southwest is love and marriage.
7. West is children.
8. Northwest is fostering.
Does anyone know the reason why we have a direction associated with the demands of life and how people are trying to refer to later. eight trigrams of Ba Gua: water, moutain, shaft, wind, fire, earth, swamp, heaven. 

Feng Shui for Black Hat
The Black Hat Feng Shui is based on the principles of the subject. Can provide the same level as in Step 2. Feng Shui eight goals. Black Hat Feng Shui, composed of two parts: a Tibetan monk and office feng shui into Taiwan by name. Lin Yun is imported. The bureau said that feng shui is divided into two parts, with the addition of the thinking and ideas.
In principle, the idea is expected to be derived from the Bureau of the eight directions, but there is one thing that is different is that agencies do not use black hat, compass, he said that he used him as a compass. The front door is often defined as the age and occupation, regardless of whether the house is facing south where the wisdom of this office to solve the problem of the south front of the house that will determine how the west front of the house. In this office, "Pa Goa" or commonly known as "Poi Kui," attributed to the use of teaching as opposed to the universal. Like what is seen on the front and rear lights are hidden, but it is taught that the front office is a black hat, which represents a range of occupations with the latter being represented by the light, it is the opposite international. The supernatural is that feng shui. More than a miracle that feng shui is the principle reason for that. We can not change the lives of people in overnight. However, the Bureau said that if you believe, then your life will change overnight, the feng shui of the supernatural. Bureau Feng Shui is based on the belief a lot of things. Are all believed to prevail.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bung Chiang (Graduate) Feng Shui principles.

How to locate the Bung Chiang (Graduate Star) by year of birth
Are interested in stories about the desktop to the child attending school is a good way how. Placing the school desks school children in good ways. Such as 9 Flying Star system, it will focus on position no. 4 and no. 1 star. That the location of the home where they will learn desktop, place the Chinese calligraphy or Chinese pagoda. The simple way to understand where you can sit your own child to the table are the following.
Birth of the child (Year), which will sit to the table. I took a number of years the main unit, plus seven more that much waste.
Example : 2010+7 = 7 (0+7);
Number                Table position
1                            SE (150)
2                            S (180)
3                            SW (240)
4                            W (270)
5                            SW (240)
6                            W (270)
7                            NW (330)
8                            N (0)
9                            NE (60)
0                            E (90)
Specified direction is the direction where graduate star (Bun Chiang by annual birth) when the direction is to locate and then use a compass to stand in the middle of the room or area to place the table. View on the compass that the degrees obtained in the position of the room where they put the table in degrees on the compass, it already is.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Age of the building
Before you start analyzing the article about how Feng Shui with modern subjects 9 Flying Stars. It is advisable to understand about the "era" before the rules and how to share how Subject to the use of 9-generation stars is accurate and understand more.
Age is a matter of time A matter of life and things. Here we will talk about the age of the building only. Building will be different when the analysis. Need to know the age and years of operation that is in any time period. Even in the community will be a period of prosperity and decline and depression vice versa. So we know that any time period or a period of growth or no growth of the building is necessary to analyze the time course feng shui is related to the rotation of the stars in the universe.
For how to split the era of nine-generation star, "Long Zhi era" based on the position of the stars in the north is the main. The Chinese astrology, the stars in the sky is divided into four main groups.
The rotation of the star and 4-star This family is the northern most important and influential, or have the power to the world than the other stars. We called the Polaris. "The nine stars," or Chinese Chaozhou called "Pak Tao Chair", this constellation of stars that will result in an orbit close to Earth as well. The planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Moon and seven stars on the moon this will power or gravity of the nine stars. Each of the nine stars and the moon will own period called the "Era" during a period of 20 years in every 20 years because the sky is Jupiter and Saturn orbit meet once. Jupiter to orbit in a position opposite to Saturn During each period of time will change more. From the orbit of the planet to meet the two Bureau of Long Zhi. That's a phenomenon that took this happens every 20 years. Fitness is a term that era is divided into nine age groups under the influence of nine stars. And after the age of 9, it began a new era begins again.
The duration of the period are as follows:
Era 1. Chaozhou language called "Tum Lang," From the year. Year 2407-2426. In this age range that is North of growth has placed in the water element.
Era 2. Chaozhou language called "Kue Amg," From the year. Year 2427-2446. In this age range that is South West of growth has placed in the earth element.
Era 3. Chaozhou language called "Lok Sung," From the year. Year 2447-2466. In this age range that is East of growth has placed in the wood element.
Era 4. Chaozhou language called "Bung Khek," From the year. Year 2467-2486. In this age range that is South East of growth has placed in the wood element.
Era 5. Chaozhou language called "Niam Cheng," From the year. Year 2487-2506. During the first 10 years of prosperity in the South East and a positive impact in the North East after 10 years of age, placed in the earth element.
Era 6. Chaozhou language called "Boo Khek," From the year. Year 2507-2526. In this age range that is North Wast of growth has placed in the metal element.
Era 7. Chaozhou language called "Poow Kun," From the year. Year 2527-2546. In this age range that is West of growth has placed in the metal element.
Era 8. Chaozhou language called "Jo Hoo," From the year. Year 2547-2566. In this age range that is North East of growth has placed in the earth element.
Era 9. Chaozhou language called "Ew Peak," From the year. Year 2567-2586. In this age range that is South of growth has placed in the fire element.
At the end of the age 9 and then it will be that a return to a new era began to flow again, this time.